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Henta and Chris in the podcast studio

The incredible talent in Songwriters in Seattle continues to inspire! This month we get to know Grammy nominated artist Henta Ellis in the monthly podcast. What a fascinating story she has of being drawn to Seattle from Engliand due to music collaboration and then flourishing with the music community here. The details of her Grammy experience are also not to be missed!

We are very fortunate to have her be our first keyboard player to do a live performance for the podcast – and what an emotional performance it was. Her song “Rain” from her upcoming album takes on a very different character live than on the studio recording. I always love that we get a unique version of a song for the podcast when someone plays live!

One of the really interesting things I found about her performance is that she brought a vocal effects box to add significant reverb and delay to various parts of the song. What makes it so interesting is not necessarily the effects themselves, but that it adds an ethereal quality that is not present in the studio recording. I would say generally that other musicians playing solo live have a more stripped down, “natural” sound whereas in Henta’s case it almost has a more electronica sound – her studio recording of the song is with piano, cello, and a drier vocal. Worth taking a comparison listen at http://hentamusic.com for sure.

So head on over to the podcast page if you haven’t already and settle in for a great conversation with Henta. It was a pleasure to record and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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