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It’s been a few weeks since my first live event on uStream and a few recordings from that performance are now up on my YouTube channel. It was a fun show that was very different for me in a lot of ways and overall I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m also SUPER appreciative of the folks who showed up to watch/listen (and chat so there was some audience interaction!). Was the uStream event a success from your point of view? Would you come to another one? If you didn’t attend the first time, is it something you would be interested in logging on to view a different time?

I’ve been thinking a lot since then about what my fans/friends want to hear and see from me. Obviously, I want to put my time into projects people will enjoy the most. I realize new songs are at the heart of it, but I’ve also got a huge back catalog that is as good as new to most people. Would you like to hear more of those songs in current form? More live performances? More studio recordings? Do you prefer video or just audio? Or is it the variety that is compelling and you just pick and choose based on whatever the specific content is?

How do you interact with other artists and what gets you most excited to hear about from them? Am I missing anything important that you would usually see and appreciate from your other favorite bands and musicians? My head is filled with these questions and I would love to hear from you. Any feedback about your likes and dislikes regarding the content I’m putting out or others you follow would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I do plan on doing at least one more uStream event in the near future, so please keep an eye out for that announcement and I hope to see you there! Thanks so much for your support!

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