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Posted By: Chris Klimecky On:

The website went through some changes this morning as I re-organized for easier navigation, quicker access to new content, and one big new addition: photos! I found a Flash photo gallery plug-in I liked that had some nice features such as viewing the gallery as a slideshow (the SL button), and easy full screen viewing (the FS button). There are only 10 recent photos in there at the moment, but the foundation is now available to add much more.

Speaking of more, I definitely plan down the line to post some photos from my archives as well as keeping up to date with brand new photos. The only downside to these being Flash based is that you can’t download them yourself if you wanted/needed to for some reason (press or marketing, especially). So please contact me directly if you would like to have an individual image file.

Thanks and I hope you like the new changes!

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