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Val D'Alessio (photo by Toni Pinto www.tonipintophotos.com)

It’s only been a few months since Val D’Alessio started attending events with Songwriters in Seattle, but she’s one of those people who the instant you speak with her and the instant she starts playing music, you know there’s an extremely talented and special person you’ve got there. While very supportive of SiS, she’s also fairly quiet and humble, so it quickly became a goal of mine to try and get her to tell a little more about herself with a podcast invitation. Lucky for me (and all of you as well), she accepted! During our discussion, Val opens up about her musical and spiritual journey that changed her approach to expressing herself well into adulthood. “Allowing” herself to be a songwriter, and really owning that gift when talking to others has been an obstacle that continually challenges her.

We play one song from her latest disc Speak Your Heart called “Your Own Gospel Song,” then a new song she brought a demo recording of called “Roll With the River,” and lastly she played a beautiful new song live called “Late Night Song.” I always love having these unique recordings just for the podcast and I think this one really shines. It was a lovely evening and a great way to cap off the first year of the SiS podcast. Huge thanks to Val for making it happen!

To listen to my podcast with Val, click here. You can learn more about Val and keep up with all her latest musical offerings at www.valdalessio.com.

Chris and Val (photo by Erika Klimecky)


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