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I am thrilled (and relieved!) to announce that the new album is officially done! It is at the replicators now and should be ready for distribution, both in hard copy and electronic forms, within a couple weeks. I am so proud of how this came out, both musically and visually, I can barely contain myself! Huge thanks goes out to David Cook of OriginWest, who did all the graphic work and re-design of my visual presentation. While I assume you’ve seen the cover art he did (which I’ve already plastered all over the place), I would like to take the rest of this post to show you more of the album artwork that he did.

First, here are some 3D estimation renderings of what the artwork will look like in the final package:

Approx. 3D rendering of the CD package cover shot

Opening up the tray reveals the back of the insert and the disc itself

A closer view of the disc and the image underneath the clear tray

The back of the jewel case


Here are some higher res images that should allow you to read the text on the back of the insert and the back of the jewel case:

Click for a closer look at the credits and thank you's

Click for a closer look at the back of the jewel case

More stories to come about the making of the album and next steps – stay tuned for exciting times ahead!


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