29 October 2012

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– Eric Tingstad Podcast Posted

Eric Tingstad has a long and storied (not to mention successful!) career as a guitarist, instrumental songwriter, and recording artist. From his first release in 1981 to a Grammy award in 2003 to his latest release, Badlands, Eric has carved a unique niche in the “Ambient Americana” genre. Blending country, folk, rock, new age, and Native American sounds, he creates a musical tapestry of his own.

So it was a real pleasure to sit down with this Pacific NW native for insights and stories of his musical journey. Friendly, open, and accessible, Eric has an honest desire for the growth and success of the NW music community and helping up and coming musicians attain their goals. He has been through a lot of changes in the music industry and continues to make music on his own terms, which is a testament to his skill and talent!

28 October 2012

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SiS Podcast: Eric Tingstad

Grammy award winning “Ambient Americana” producer and recording artist Eric Tingstad is interviewed by SiS Organizer Chris Klimecky. Their conversation follows Eric’s extensive songwriting and recording career as well as the future of his art. A beautiful live version of “The Boot Whisperer” finishes the musical selections.

30 May 2012

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– David Guilbault Podcast Posted

It’s time for the Spring cleaning edition of the Songwriters in Seattle podcast! Out with the old, in with the new – you’ll be happy to know we did something a little bit different this podcast. My guest, David Guilbault, did such a cool experimental project recently, we centered the entire discussion around 4 recordings of his songs. The idea for his project was to give songs to 4 different producers and, only using his vocal, see what they would come up with. It was an idea that yielded some great results and you get to hear the stories behind them!

29 May 2012

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SiS Podcast: David Guilbault

Classic Americana singer/songwriter David Guilbault is interviewed by SiS Organizer Chris Klimecky. David & Chris go in-depth about David’s latest experimental project: Giving his songs to 4 different producers to let them do what they will.

30 January 2012

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– Charlie Heinemann Podcast Posted!

Welcome to the start of a new year of Songwriters in Seattle podcasts! If this first one is any indication, 2012 is going to be a great year for us, as our recent songwriting contest winner, Charlie Heinemann joins me in the studio for great music and discussion. Charlie has some unique songwriting insight and humor to go along with it!

27 January 2012

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SiS Podcast: Charlie Heinemann

Americana singer/songwriter Charlie Heinemann is interviewed by SiS Organizer Chris Klimecky. Charlie shares songwriting tips, songs from the album with his band The Repeat Offenders, and plays a new song live.

03 February 2011

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– Jessica Lynne’s Version of “Colored Life”

Just a quick note about the new posting of my alt-country/Americana duet “Colored Life” now featuring Jessica Lynne on vocals. Jessica and I have been working together a lot lately and I thought it a fitting opportunity to go back and try to improve on this song. I’m thankful to Jessica for doing it (and even coming back for a second shot at the middle break to put it over the top!) and I think it turned out great.

A little note about Jessica, she’s only been in the US and Seattle for a few months now, but is already tearing up the country/Americana scene out here. Don’t ask me how someone from Denmark ends up singing with a southern twang, but here’s the evidence it can happen! She’s working on an EP now and I’m helping her develop some songs and backing her up live. Always nice to work with great up and coming talent from any genre and Jessica’s about as friendly and straightforward as you can get – just my style! She also knows the amount of work it takes to make it in music and I love supporting that kind of effort. So please wish her good luck and if you’re into that style of music, please keep an ear out for her new recordings – I’m sure they’re going to be fantastic!

02 February 2011

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– Let’s Talk Americana

Have you ever noticed the number of new music genres that have popped up over the last, say 10 years or so? Now, prior to the last couple years, I had my head down in the rock genre pretty solidly, so when I started opening my eyes to the wider popular music world the genre selection was all very confusing and fascinating. As a musician and a fan, I questioned not only what genre I was in personally, but what would you call the music that I liked to listen to? So many of these “smart” playlist systems try to push specific genres on you and I’d choose one and then say, “oops, that’s not it” when I heard the artists they thought fit there.

One exciting genre I had never heard of before recently is Americana. Now, I’m not much of a country fan, but I grew up listening to a bit of John Denver, the occasional Kenny Rogers, and even watched Hee Haw here and there. Not necessarily big into folk either, but folk/rock a la Crosby, Stills, and Nash or Simon and Garfunkel are okay with me. But as country itself has gone more toward rock, and folk has people going every which way, I hear more and more about “alt-country” and “Americana” as a description for a style of music that’s not quite country, not really folk, not rock, but perhaps a bit of all three. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that description or has a better one.

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