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When Jessica Lynne brought her stunning voice to the Pacific Northwest from Denmark a year ago, little did she know how involved she would become with Songwriters in Seattle. But she quickly jumped right in with both feet and took fast action to kickstart her country music career and connect with other musicians here in the states. What a year it’s been! Her newly minted EP, Spiritual Cowgirl, is a great representation of what Jessica can accomplish and is no doubt the beginning of even bigger and better things to come for her musically.

Don't mess with Jessica!










Even though most of you who know me know I’m not a big country music fan, Jessica’s charming voice and engaging songwriting are near irresistible. She’s a fighter and a winner with the confidence of a seasoned veteran! She is becoming an active regular on the NW performance scene as well. You’ll get a taste of what she sounds like when she plays live as she did a version of “Fallen Angels Don’t Fly” (in one take, I might add) for the podcast! Look for upcoming show dates on her website. She has such a fun and warm personality, too, I think you will really enjoy her on this podcast. But don’t take my word for it, go take a listen!

Jessica & Chris in the studio










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