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Welcome to the start of a new year of Songwriters in Seattle podcasts! If this first one is any indication, 2012 is going to be a great year for us, as our recent songwriting contest winner, Charlie Heinemann joins me in the studio for great music and discussion. Charlie has some unique songwriting insight and humor to go along with it!

After we get to know Charlie a little bit more at the beginning of the podcast, we dive right into his contest winning song, “LA (is Totally Awesome).” Those clever lyrics are no accident, and he talks of his study of rhetoric (which I didn’t realize was something one could study, but sure enough…) and other influences that drive his writing and storytelling. A little satirical humor/wordplay and unexpected phrasing really go a long way toward making Charlie’s songs so engaging and entertaining.

Charlie's album Disheartened with his band The Repeat Offenders

We then talk about his band The Repeat Offenders and their album Disheartened. The arrangements are very well done, complement the songs, groove nicely, and overall make the songs easy to listen to. This is an album that has appeal on so many levels. Genre-wise, we’re talking Americana, that blend of alt country, folk, bluegrass and acoustic rock that has become so popular these days. They do it well and with a great attitude. This is an exciting band to watch so please visit their website and connect with them so you can keep tabs in the future.

Lastly, Charlie plays us a new song live in the studio called “High Mountain to Climb.” It is always great to have these unique versions of songs for the podcast and I’m really appreciative of Charlie for making that happen. Please go have a listen to the podcast and enjoy!!


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