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February’s podcast features a fun conversation and live performances from Songwriters in Seattle member Andy Glover. Andy is a great guy and talented musician whose positive attitude shines out brightly in his songwriting. One of the most interesting things about Andy’s songwriting development (that we talk about in quite a bit of detail) is that he has documented it on YouTube at a steady pace over the last few years. Being able to share this growth and artistic evolution in almost realtime video is a great example of how modern technology can build strong connections with fans around the world.

Andy also talks about his new studio recordings that he’s working on, and as an exciting first for this podcast, performs all his podcast songs live! So these are unique recordings that are a great reflection of his personality. I’m thankful to Andy for performing live and for being a part of this podcast. Please connect with Andy at the following links:

– Subscribe to Andy’s channel on YouTube
– Fan him on ReverbNation
– Follow him on Twitter
– Purchase/download his recordings from Bandcamp

Now hop on over to his podcast post (if you haven’t already!) and check it out!

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